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Staying Positive


Social media has been blowing up lately with people finding fault in every word that gets written. There are always people that will disagree and attack any opinion or action to be taken.

There is a subtler saboteur out there though and that can be our own interpretation of the world. We are taught at a young age to figure out what is happening and make decisions based on what we see, hear and understand. Phrases like “read between the lines” and books about body language reinforce the practice of interpreting what others mean by their words and actions.

Well, that can be fine, but there’s usually the chance that our interpretations could be wrong. When given a choice for interpreting something as either positive or negative in our daily, personal lives, we’d like to encourage everyone to lean toward the positive. When that friend says they can’t get together because they are busy, instead of imagining a scenario where that friend is avoiding getting together with you, take them at their word and don’t read more into it. When a person has an angry look on their face, don’t conclude that anger is directed at you. There could be any number of things going on in their life.

Being aware of and acknowledging when we are to blame for something is a valuable characteristic. However, always assuming we are at fault or have done something wrong, can be crippling. We have a choice and choosing a positive outlook for the world we interact with makes for a happier day.

This month’s edition features articles about maintaining bodily range of motion and the health of our joints. Elam Sport’s O`ahu has a great set of exercises that only take a few minutes to keep our joints primed for health. Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD, offers prolotherapy for people who are suffering with joint pain. We have a feature from Dr. Michael Quirk explaining how Osteopathic Medicine provides a wholistic approach to health. Mr. CBD has an article about how CBD can help with a pet’s aches and pains and other ailments.

This month’s edition also has a Yoga Guide and some articles about yoga to help people that are interested in learning more about yoga and the various different practices and methods. This month’s Conscious Eating article is all about superfoods and Healthy Kids department has an article that includes recipes for fun, flavorful and healthy foods that kids will love. There’s even an article in Natural Pet for people that are allergic to cat’s but are looking for a way to have a cat in their life.

Please enjoy these and the rest of the September edition.

With our heartfelt gratitude,


Beckie and Bud Kowalski, Publishers


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