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Yoni Steam Day Spa

​Appealing to Women of All Ages from All Walks of Life

Is it any wonder that Yoni Steam Honolulu continues to maintain a Yelp 5-Star rating and rank among the top five women’s spas in Honolulu? Women of all ages and backgrounds are praising the tranquil atmosphere and pampering they experience during their visit. They’re coming back several times and bringing friends with them to share in the azure blue and white linen décor. The beautifully appointed spa setting makes the world outside drift away to provide a peaceful backdrop for divine indulgence.

Yoni is Sanskrit for “sacred temple” or pathway — more specifically, the vagina. It’s the symbol of the divine mother, the sacred place that we all came from. Yoni steam has been used for centuries in many cultures as a time-honored tradition. The benefits range from relief from maladies to providing a way to honor self, relieve anxiety and feel empowered. The ancient practice of yoni steam enables women to connect to themselves.

Yoni Steam Honolulu works with each client to choose just the right handcrafted, organic herbal blend to use in the steam based on an individual’s goals. They then offer the treatment in private, tranquil, linen rooms on specially designed chairs while wearing custom-made gowns. The warmth of the mild, organic, herbal steam stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. It helps women address challenges they may be facing, such as mild-to-severe menstrual cramps and irregular periods, general fatigue, vaginal dryness, menopausal symptoms, painful intercourse, as well as other conditions women often accept as normal, but rarely talk about. This noninvasive treatment provides a purification and release of stored up negative energy, even if not facing a challenge. The result is a healthier, more relaxed and balanced connection to self. Many women report that they experience deeper, more restful sleep, a euphoric body glow and a sense of peace and calm after a yoni steam.

Yoni steam is a way to for a woman to love and nurture her body. It’s also great way to connect and bond with all the women in their lives. Any woman looking to take ownership of her personal health will benefit from a yoni steam.

Natural Awakenings readers can schedule an appointment with Yoni Steam at a special reduced rate. Instead of the regular price of $149, just mentioning Natural Awakenings will reduce the price to $55 (cash). Schedule a Sunday visit and get complimentary champagne (21+)!

Location: 619 Kapahulu Ave., Ste. 204, Honolulu. To schedule an appointment, text or call 808-853-0959. For more information, visit YoniSteamHonolulu.com.

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